Blue Sky’s

Blue Sky’s was taken in Beijing. It was amazing to see how quickly the pollution could disappear in such a city like Beijing. This photo was taken 24 hours after extreme hazardous levels of pollution. It had reached levels that were just below the red alert levels. A breeze blew across the city over night causing the causing all the pollution to be blown out of the city. It transformed the city and was unrecognisable from the day before. It also brought in the bitter cold weather. I preferred the cold over the pollution and the need to wear a pollution mask. One the day this photo was taken pollution was at 27 verse 900 the previous day.

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Longsheng Rice Terraces

The rice terraces in Longsheng were amazing. I traveled up the chair lift through the cloud. The landscape changed at it came into view amongst the cloud. At the top of the rice terrace, I got the experience the moving clouds and the mystery of the terraces. I was up the top of the rice terrace for about an hour and there was always clouds around the mountains. This is one of the shots I got before the cloud came in and covered the rice terrace and mountains.

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Mega Towers of Shanghai

I recently went of a trip to China for work.  I took this photo on the raised pedestrian walkway over a major road way through the Pudong Business District. The three towers are some of the tallest structures in China. They have transformed the famous skyline of Shanghai. The towers are the Shanghai World Trade Centre, nicknamed the Bottle Opener (492m); Jin Mao Tower, The Prosperity Golden Tower (420.5m); Shanghai Tower (632m). As night set in fog hid the tops of the towers. It was impressive seeing the towers disappear in a cloud of fog.

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Mountains of Li River

I spent a day traveling along the Li River between Guilin and Yangshuo. The day was raining. Most of the mountains were hidden by the low lying cloud. The day wasn’t going to be the best for a boat cruise. It turned out really well though. The low clouds created a mystery and added drama. This is one of the many photos I took between the rain. Most of the time I hid in a corner on the boat trying my best to dodge the rain and keep my camera dry. I did learn that a shopping bag is a goo way to stop the rain. There were not plastic bags in my bag that day. Continue reading “Mountains of Li River”